FGI in Charleston

FGI launched its regional chapter in Charleston in 2011. In year one, we accomplished a lot against our goals:

  • Develop and build our members’ businesses
  • Bring unique programming to Charleston
  • Put a spotlight on Charleston as a fashion capital

We have had a number of members submit testimonials as to how the organization has benefited their businesses.  Seven of them across different fashion industries – jewelry, apparel, home, accessories, retail, beauty and education - have been chosen to share their quotes and be part of our branding campaign.  We have hosted several no-charge member events that allowed our members to network, share ideas and learn about a hosting members' business.  We put our members needs out in our newsletter and announce their events on our social media sites.  Our members all try to support each other’s businesses.


During Year 1, we held 4 unique programs in the Charleston area.  One covered international fashion, one covered accessories (timed with the Royal Wedding), one covered a big trend in the beauty industry – healthy beauty - and the last covered the “New Rules Of Retail”.  We have had guest speakers come to Charleston and we have included our own local talent where applicable on panels and events.

We are beginning to build awareness outside of our community as to the unique offerings Charleston has as a fashion city – talent, the diversity of businesses, the academic programs being built for the students here and the European roots of this cosmopolitan city that make it the fashion capital of the South.  We were recognized with a merit award amongst the 36 regions of FGI at the Regional Directors conference this year.  We will also be the first region to develop a branding campaign for FGI that can be used by other regions.  Additionally, Charleston is part of the international directory of FGI which has an audience of 5,600 members around the world from New York to London to Paris.

Our members have done a great job. This is what you have to look forward to as an FGI member. To find out more, please email charleston@fgi.org or call 843 864 5133.